Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Welcome to Listen To The World!

www.listentotheworld.net is a web-based social media aimed at inspiring and triggering minds the world over. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, it was originally initiated in 2001 by Sacred Bridge Foundation, a cultural organization located at JalanGandaria Tengah III No. 9, KebayoranBaru, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia, 12130.


Anyone is free to access all pages of our website and to use the commenting system on all content. Listen to the World (LTTW) merely serves as a forum to accommodate intelligent discussion and for us to learn from each other (note: ‘intelligent discussion’ does not mean we can’t have fun). Comments that do not fit into the criteria will be considered spam. LTTW reserves the right to delete comments that are conflicting with our rules and principles. The followings are the rules with which you need to comply should you join our discussion:

1. Real names

Even though this is not obligatory, for the sake of transparency, we strongly recommend that you use your real name and regular/working e-mail address.

2. Be respectful and appreciative

A discussion involves more than one person and is initiated to reach a solution. To ensure that the discussion goes well, please refrain yourself from writing something that may be offensive, hurtful, or potentially trigger a conflict. Explain your arguments politely.

3. Be relevant

Please keep in the topic. If your comment seems to go off the topic, but you think that it is still relevant, give the reasons why you need to bring up the subject.

4. Your comment is your own voice

You are fully responsible for all of your comments on our website.


1. Lttw holds the rights for its name and logo (consisting of the logogram and logotype).

2. Content

 a. All original contents written by and for LttW – besides the commercial ones – can be republished (except the ones that are marked ‘not to be republished’), by ascribing the following.

Write the full name of the author of the article. If the author column says “Author: Desk”, please change it to “Author: Listen to the World “ in your website.

Write “This article was originally published on Listen to the World. Read the original article [with the hyperlink to the URL of the said article].”

b. Contents from our Free-Syndication website partners (The Conversation, MIT News, SciDev, etc.) may not be re-published under LTTW’s credit. You MUST refer to the original website.

3. Even though you are allowed to republish the articles, please do it sensibly with a proper etiquette.


We reserve the rights to modify, change, add, or reduce the content of this Terms of Use. If LTTW makes such changes, we will notify you by putting a red exclamation mark (!) next to the Terms of Use button for one month, starting from the date where the changes are made. You are expected to check this page regularly. By using our website, it is assumed that you agree with any kind of changes.