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Would You Shape Your Children’s Taste in Music?

[Jakarta, LttW] “When I was a kid, I remember clearly how my Dad used to play some of the 70’s great rock tunes for me, especially everything that comes from ELP, while my Mom was more into disco and pop,” said Lavie Daramarezkya, a 24 years old girl. “I’m pretty sure that those days had basically shaped the way I listen to music; what bands I desire, and what records I would buy,” she described.

Lavie is just one of the examples how parents have some kind of a ‘duty’ to pass their musical preference onto their children. In this case, they may succeed. Different with Anandyanto Tamma, 32 years old guy who has three adorable kids with his wife. “My father has been a jazz enthusiast, and quite uncompromising about sound quality. So I remember how I and my younger brother when we were kids, unknowingly driven into jazz back then. Years and years later, God knows why, I barely listen to jazz; on the contrary, my brother turns out to be a decent jazz musician,” he explained.

What happened to both Lavie and Tamma is probably experienced by most children across the globe. Parents, whether intentionally or not, would probably happier if their beloved children would share the same musical taste with them. On the other side, children should be freer individuals, despite their different and unique musical experiences at home. Serrano Sianturi, a serious music lover and a parent of two, once said, “No matter how greatly the children have in common with their parents, in my opinion, they still a different and unique individual with different response to many things that happens around them.”

And now with millions of different music the children can easily get just around the clock, with all the controversies of be it good or bad for them, do you think we need to shape one’s taste in music?


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