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Guiding and Hoping for a Better Future After the Indonesian Terror Attacks

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[Jakarta, LTTW] All Muslims in the world have united as Eid al-Fitr had finally come after a holy month full of fasting. The celebration could be seen as a moment of brood and introspection, especially because this year’s Ramadan was opened with acts of terror that killed innocent lives in Indonesia – striking terrors to those who were affected directly and indirectly. People were left with anger, fear, and confusion in response to the terror attack.

According to Serrano Sianturi in his article titled Trump: Turning USA into Uncle Sam’s Abomination – Part Two “terrorism and its cruelties can grow because of various reasons, such as economic injustice, technological dominance, corrupt governance, low trust societies, power-hungry individuals and groups, and lack of cross cultural understanding and respect.” The aforementioned factors could lead to acts that goes beyond morality and common sense.

What we have seen in these particular terror acts in Surabaya are problematic in many level. One crucial matter is how children were used to participate in the suicide bombings. The word “used” is essential to underline because there is no way children would do this without “guidance” from someone. Adults are mostly aware of the choices they made; children on the other hand tend to follow guidance from other people such as their own families. Guidance is the keyword that made these children ultimately act as a suicide bomber just like their parents.

Fathers and mothers have a role to raise their children with ideals that can eventually be useful in society. They could and should teach children of norms such as religion, tradition, and even law. It gets problematic when the parents’ teachings contradict the common consensus of a nation, harming and even killing others, like the Surabaya bombings that was carried out by a family of five. A child can be guided to become a citizen who understands his rights and duties, or they can also be a vessel of hate that carries a bomb, killing and terrorizing others.

“The self is something which has a development; it is not initially there, at birth, but arises in the process of social experience and activity, that is, develops in the given individual as a result of his relations to that process as a whole and to other individuals within that process,” said George Herbert Mead in his book titled the Mind, Self, & Society (1934).

With that in mind, family plays a crucial role for children’s experience and activity. Although there are other groups or institution that can also guide them, school for instance, family is the number one and first source for them to grow. It’s up to families and all layers of society including us to guide the children in choosing which path they should take, for the betterment or deterioration of our world.

We pray to the victims of Indonesian terror attacks and hope for the best for this multicultural nation’s future. Lastly, we would like to wish Eid Mubarak for all Muslims and to all human being that coexist in this wonderful world. At its best, the holiday will give us a chance to cleanse our mind, body, and soul, so that we, including those who was affected by the terror attacks, will not submit to the chain of hateful revenge.



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3 years ago

“Fathers and mothers have a role to raise their children with ideals that can eventually be useful in society.” Who’s ideal?

3 years ago
Reply to  Perdana

Hello Perdana, thank you for your question.

Parents ideals that are accepted by society which came from a social contract such as local norms or the nation law.