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Art is a Mirror of Life: The Volterra Project

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[Jakarta, LTTW] In 2007, world renowned Greek classical guitarist, Antigoni Goni, created The Volterra Project, Summer Guitar Institute in Volterra, Italy. This yearly summer school does more than just teach guitar techniques, but also educate young guitarists other fundamental components for musicianship. For its 2018 edition, Antigoni Goni was joined by guest lecturers English guitarist, Laura Snowden, and American guitarist, Stephen Robinson, in guitar master classes.

Photo courtesy of Volterra Project

According to its official website, Volterra Project’s mission is to help young guitarists develop well-rounded and non-competitive approaches to performing, foster a generation of accomplished young guitarists to prepare them for multiple aspects of performing careers, and to bring the guitar outside of traditional performance venues into places of community access. In the summer school, we can join guitar masters classes, seminars on music business management, and classes of music physiology (including luthier presentation) to re-discover the fundamental components of the guitarist; their own body and the music instrument itself.

Photo courtesy of Volterra Project

In a brief conversation with Listen to the World UK representative, guitarist Boo-boo Sianturi (who joined the program twice; in 2009 and 2012) said one of the music physiology lessons taught in Volterra Project is the Alexander Technique –– a methodical process that was created by Tasmanian actor Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) to change bad habitual patterns of movement and posture. Dancer and choreographer, Clare Maxwell, puts it as the technique that “…give you a way to develop the stamina to be present, the stamina to have fun. Boo-boo explained that the technique is a “scientified-Western-style of Tantra” because it focuses on the human spine; similar to the seven chakras . It seems the technique helps us to be aware of ourselves to maintain a healthy body, mind and soul. From actor, dancer, to guitarist; from arts, science, to conscience, Alexander technique really is fundamental.

Being A Better Human Being Through Music and Nature

The project is held at Inghrami Farms, Volterra, Tuscany in Italy; a rustic complex and beautiful countryside that provides interactions for students and teachers over a 10-day stay.

Because of the conservatory culture, classical musicians have a tendency to be more competitive. Here, Volterra Project’s aim is to steer away from this notion and provide environment where people can learn, exchange, and experience music with nature as its surrounding.

Photo courtesy of Volterra Project

At the Inghrami Farms, guitars and those who wield it will harmonize with the nature of Tuscany. In 2018, up to 14 students stayed at peaceful apartments in Villa di Scornello and Podere San Piero next to the Volterra countryside. Some may be surprised when taking the instrument out of a building and play it in nature where the sun shine upon, clouds float right on top, and trees accompany them. But for Sacred Bridge Foundation, it is necessary for music to re-discover the sacredness that once gave birth to music itself through the majesty of nature.

At the end, what Volterra Project offer to its student is a full experience that connects people with their own self — merging the body and mind as a part of nature. Utilizing guitar as an instrument that brings people into a spiritual journey, taking it further than just a musical education, altering them to be a better human being. Does playing and learning music in nature sounds strange? Or the other way around, how odd that today’s musician seem to distance themselves away from nature?

Young guitarists! What are you waiting for?



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