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Visual Artworks in Response to Covid-19

By Adikara Rachman

Covid-19 is a global terror that has spread to every corner of the world. Many people have died, many others are under deep pressure whether it be financially related or due to the stress of undertaking measures to treat the pandemic, and not a single person is immune to the impact of this situation, which is dramatically unfolding at an alarming rate, and transforming civilisation in the process. In many places people are isolated and separated, hoping that the fear will go away whilst trying to remain calm. Now our lives are increasingly vulnerable despite the progress many people have made in treating the pandemic, as they are not able to exterminate it as quickly as one could have hoped. Sacred places are losing their necessary functions because of the scare of the deadly virus’ contagiousness, which they are unfortunately not immune from. Covid-19 has locked us all down yet time goes on, and mother nature rejuvenates blissfully unperturbed.

Four artworks by Adikara Rachman are a response to the pandemic disaster. They represent those prisoned by isolation, which makes them fragile like thin paper that is easy to tear, self and other separated in distance. The numbers present an acumulation of the victims, which are exponentially increasing each day. These artworks are not only about the scare facing Covid-19, there is also another concern, which is about building awareness for humanity to help each other. We are ultimately one race, and now is the time we must permanently dispose of hatred, racism, religious and cultural discrimination, and the desire to dominate others.

May health and peace be resorted to those of us who have suffered, may everyone else be protected and remain peaceful and healthy during such a time, and may those who have recovered or lost loved ones regain full strength as soon as possible.

420AY5 | Mix media on paper | Artwork by Adikara Rachman
01 88 86 65| Mix media on paper | Artwork by Adikara Rachman
CAADIMDD.6520 | Mix media on paper | Artwork by Adikara Rachman
No: 379403010500794 | Mix media on paper | Artwork by Adikara Rachman



Adikara Rachman

Author: Adikara Rachman

Art Education Specialist at Sacred Bridge Foundation since 1999, and also Visual Coordinator at Listen to the World and Vox de Cultura.

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