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I Am Human living in Diversity

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“Thanks to J. M Basquiat who inspired me and people who fight against Racism, let’s keep the equality in humanity …” – Adikara Rachman | 170cm x 150cm | Acrylic on canvas |2017

[LttW, Jakarta]. In recent years, diversity that was once embraced as human treasure seems to be taken as a threat to humanity. This far right view has gained followers in many parts of the world, and at the same time caused tensions, conflicts, killings, and wars within and between countries.

Humans are bound to be different due to the order of nature; there’s nothing we can do about it. Our physical (including racial) and cultural differences are the natural results of our adaptation to the environment. However, diversity is not the only thing we share. We also have common possessions: conscience, common sense, logic, intelligence, emotion, human anatomy, etc. It is with these commonalities human should forever manage diversity as an enriching factor, not a destroying one.

History has proven that diversity has not always been the cause of problems; it has also given the world amazing human inventions that elevates our civilizations over millennia. So why keep insisting that diversity is the root of problems while we know that it can be the answer to the problems? [Desk]

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1 year ago

Diversity might seems really chalenging in practically, but based on that I think the Diversity itself is a gift that we should be greatful. And also Diversity can help us to have a better understanding about humanity, it’s about how beautiful is this life.