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Equality in Diversity

Equality in Diversity
Collective, 316 cm x 218 cm (8 duplex), Mix media on Duplex, Early 2017

[Jakarta, LTTW] Diversity has become a daily vocabulary in society, but lately it is perceived more as a threat. The 21st Century that we live in is yet to decide how diversity is positioned.

The above artwork was painted by individuals coming from different background, ethnic, gender, age, and skills at a New Year celebration by Sacred Bridge Foundation entitled “Equality in Diversity”. This work proves that differences not only could live side by side, but also enrich one another.

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4 years ago

It’s messy yet honest. It’s remind me to embrace chaos as the power to create. It’s hard though creates collaborative artwork because each one of us must has a mutual respect so the artwork keeps in its harmony.

5 years ago

It’s really inspiring to know somebody doing it

Alan B
Alan B
5 years ago

Great collaborative artwork, keep on fighting!