The Sound of Covid-19

[Jakarta, LTTW] Would you ever think that, beside using microscopes, creating musical compositions could also help scientists in their pursuit of understanding the novel virus?

That’s what MIT Professor, Markus Buehler, believes. He converted the novel coronavirus behaviour into a piece of music as an alternative means of understanding it from a novel perspective.

Coronavirus is highly contagious due to its “spike” proteins, that spread the infection by poking out of the main body of the virus, and in turn bind to human cells that give it the appearance of a crown – or “corona” in Latin. The spikes itself are formed of protein building blocks called amino acids.

By assigning each of these amino acids to a musical note, MIT converted this infrastructure into sounds, and used an algorithm to convert the data into piece of music that reflect how the arrangement of the proteins. In an interview with MIT News, Buehler stated that the musical composition method could not only help scientists better understand how the virus infects human bodies, but could also be instrumental for designing drugs that fight the virus.



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2 years ago

‘Vibrations’ may be the key into finding solutions, so keep spreading your positive vibes, for musicians of the earth means Keep Making Music please…