The National Museum of Women in the Arts

[Jakarta, LTTW] It is all too well known that men throughout the ages have continuously objectified women, which has unfortunately also occurred within the arts. Issues surrounding the mistreatment of women in the art world keeps increasing; from gender pay gaps, to sexual harassment, to discrimination, making the lives and wellbeing of many women difficult to endure. Despite the ongoing negative issues afflicting several women, progress is nonetheless being made, as exemplified by The National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA); an art museum in the US dedicated exclusively to female artists of all periods and nationalities.

Photo courtesy of NMWA

And it is about time that a museum dedicated to the achievements of women has emerged! The fact that such a museum even had to exist in the first place is a reflection of human ignorance, as exemplified by the fact that women have only begun to enjoy the rights and freedoms of artists as men in living memory for several people. The existence of such a museum should serve as a reminder that the differentiation between genders is not for competitive reasons, but as part of the process in finding proportion and harmony.

Photo courtesy of NMWA | by Lee Stalsworth
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