Termites, the Instrument Maker

[Jakarta, LTTW] The didgeridoo is a unique wooden trumpet “drone pipe” of Aboriginal origin, and many believe it to be made by termites.

Didgeridoo player | Photo Courtesy of Philippa Willitts

Yes, this is a fact! A genuine Didgeridoo is made from living trees (usually a young eucalyptus) which are hollowed out by termites. The termites hollow the tree from the inside because they are sensitive to light, and need to therefore avoid daylight. The tree should be cut close to the ground in order to make a didgeridoo properly. This is of no concern, as eucalyptus trees grow rapidly which means their restoration takes  little time.

This way, Aborigines can build an instrument whilst still maintaining the tree population of their lands.

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2 years ago

music instrument created by nature! interesting 😀