Global Warming and the Revival of Prehistoric Viruses

[Jakarta, LTTW] According to recent Google Search Trends, “Coronavirus” and “Virus” have become increasingly popular, and have now overtaken climate change related topics that were previously dominating the search engine. While many of us shun climate change as an issue and responsibility at the moment, it is of significant importance to become aware of the fact that climate change (and industrial mining) could be the predominant factors of ancient virus revivals in the future.

For decades, scientists found various ancient viruses that were previously dormant beneath the layers of permafrost in places such as Siberia, for thousands, and even millions of years. Up until today, there are an abundance of studies investigating and studying these ancient viruses.

Global warming melts away layers of permafrosts which in turn could reawaken these prehistoric viruses from their “hibernation”. Aside from melting permafrost, drilling and mining operations could also contribute to reawakening viruses, by digging deep into the earth and uncovering things that remained unperturbed for ages bygone.

Though some of the viruses were confirmed to be ultimately harmless to humans, the unknown threat is uncertain since the quantity and variance of these viruses currently remains a mystery. Imagine now, if one of these viruses were released and proved to be pathogenic to human beings; without man-made vaccine readily prepared for such outbreak, and with the possibility that it might be even deadlier than Covid-19, we may not even begin to comprehend of the consequences that could ensue from such a potentially gargantuan pandemic.

If anything, these precautions serve not only to warn us, but they also remind us that whether we like it or not, ecological destruction and viruses will most likely come hand in hand as the cause and affect of one another.




Author: Desk

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