Complications in Combating Environmental Deterioration and Coronavirus

[Jakarta, LTTW] On March 12, WHO declared the Covid-19 outbreak a pandemic. With the virus on spotlight, climate change and green living are no longer “trending” topics, despite best efforts. Here are some examples:

  • SINGLE-USE PLASTIC: Single use coffee cup and plastic bags are re-encouraged, whilst personal drinking cups and tot-bags are shunned.
  • WATER: We use more running water to wash our hands.
  • TISSUE: Washing hands more means more single-use tissue (thankfully soap is not environmentally harmful)
  • FACE MASK: Many face masks, including surgical masks, are made from polypropylene, which is difficult to dissolve (and yes, it lies in our oceans)

Covid-19 has meant home quarantine (social distancing), which is useful for minimising air pollution, although the emergence and ramifications of Covid-19 have largely risen as a consequence of environmental deterioration.

Such information is crucial to address right now, not to cause alarm or to discern right from wrong, but to invigorate mindsets to take appropriate action in the near future. We now live in a globalised world, where means many local issues are now global, which emphasises the importance for us to adapt our mindsets to perceive and treat matters holistically instead of subjectively.



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