Sovereignty and (Humanitarian) Intervention

Sovereignty basically is the rightful status of any nation to govern themselves, while Humanitarian Intervention is an act of interfering with another nation’s (or someone else’s) affairs in the name of Humanity.

Both have solid grounds, and are recognized as the ideals the world should uphold; but in particular cases, one of the examples is genocide/ethnic cleansing, both ideals are “at war” trying to override each other. We know whose side we’re on when the battle is between good and evil, but how about when the battle is between good and good?

Are we REALLY socializing when we use the social media?

With the growth of the Internet and technologies these days, we can search for our long lost friends and meet some new friends. We are even able to follow a wide range of communities around the globe through these various Internet-based social network media. However, are these “encounters” the same as “socializing”? Do we still need to interact face to face? How can we guarantee these “social” relationship through these various social media technologies?

Graffiti and Mural

Arts in its all forms (such as performing, visual, street and literature) is perhaps too broad of a subject to discuss, not to mention the discussion on which of the cultural creation that can be taken as arts. So let’s start again with particular forms that we see everyday: graffiti and mural. If we look at the two photos below, which one is which? Is either a form of art? Or both are?

Graffiti and Mural Photo 1


Graffiti and Mural Photo 2


World War III

The world had experienced terrible tragedies in the past, from bilateral & multilateral wars, dictatorship to genocide. But humans never seem to learn from those devastating pains.

Today, the world is facing so many issues that could trigger even bigger disaster: racism, trade war and protectionism, extreme ideologies, terrorism, global warming, and immigrants. So, how near is the world war 3, really?