What is Art’s role in Society today?

It has long been taken for granted that Art is present in all aspects of human activity and culture. That Art has roles in society. One role of Art is that Art expresses the emotions and struggles of the society it exists within, and inspires society to cope and even overcome.

But increasingly in some corners of global society we see that society feels that Art has become distant from every day life, that people begin to feel that Art no longer inspires them and has nothing to do with their real, every day lives. Are we okay with this?

So what is the role of Art in today’s society? Do we really need Art to inspire us in our daily lives? What works and objects do we consider to be Art, and does Art still have a place in today’s “modern”, cosmopolitan World?

*originally published on August 3, 2015

illustration by Bintang Perkasa

Coronavirus: Exit Strategy

Countries are implementing various methods to lower the spread of COVID-19, such as physical distancing and national lockdown. These methods are designed to buy time for scientists to find a vaccine and/ or antiviral medicine for the novel virus. According to the BBC, scientist stated they need approximately 12-18 months to develop, test and distribute the vaccine.

While these methods are helpful as short term solutions, no one knows what will happen if this continues for as long as 12-18 months. Unfortunately, the long-term strategy is remain unclear in any countries. If physical distancing and/ or lockdown are decided to become the only long-term solutions, then, the question is, could we survive physically, mentally, economically and socially for 18 months like this? If not, is it possible to find a more effective exit strategy?

For the rest of us who stay at home, it is a perfect time to gather insight, share reliable information, and find a plausible long-term strategy to help government bodies and our beloved front liners. Not only have we a lot of free time, but also because of the current abnormal living condition, it provokes us to notice things we were previously unaware of. As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Let’s unite and share your thoughts here!

Does pot legalization matter to music?

Pot or marijuana experimentation is blatantly ‘common’ among music (and arts) enthusiasts. With the numbers of pot legalization’s support is significantly increasing in the Americas lately, will it be the gateway to make music (sound) better?

Can we listen to music whilst doing other things?

Since the practicalities of portable/mobile audio players, and digital-based audio players, everyone can listen to music at anytime, anywhere, anyhow; but really, can we ‘multitask’ music?

Freedom of Speech and Social Media

Freedom of Speech is important to us. It allows us not only to share our voices, but also to obtain and learn more knowledge from others. Social Media, in this frame of mind, should be a perfect platform for it, because the volume and immediacy of the exchange are incredible.

Yet in reality – in the name of “freedom of speech,” a large number of us still use Social Media senselessly; from bullying people’s opinions, sharing immoral jokes, spreading hoax, igniting conflicts to encouraging violence. With (human) rights comes responsibility, but in social media, where the interaction is indirect and often in disguised, how can anyone be responsible for what he/she says? If we can’t, is this how freedom of speech (in social media) should be?