World War

World War III

The world had experienced terrible tragedies in the past, from bilateral & multilateral wars, dictatorship to genocide. But humans never seem to learn from those devastating pains.

Today, the world is facing so many issues that could trigger even bigger disaster: racism, trade war and protectionism, extreme ideologies, terrorism, global warming, and immigrants. So, how near is the world war 3, really?


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Shawn Salim

Yeah i think WW3 would come in short time if we together could not communicate in ethical attitude. Since Trump got president elected and His groundless policies has vary impact in other nations. Some of them seemingly feel insecure with their territory, Some of them become anti Islam.


I think what we need to avoid war/world war is to eliminate “ego”.
People just never feel “enough”, so we tend to exploit the things that provided for us, and forgetting that we need them for our children’s children. Those things are not ours anyway, all are given by the Divine. It’s all human’s miss-manage things.


Hey all, i got something interesting for you, take a look at this! The water level in Poyang Lake was decreasing,

a proof that science doesn’t always prevent problematic issues even make it worst! Sometimes science and technology are worthwhile ways for human to cope problems, such as economic issue’s. Nevertheless human still remain in negligent to nature which is a core or source of the economy. Now i am imagining about the future life, will human face the apocalypse in a short time?

Bernard Johnson
We cannot veer from human groupings and economics when talking about war. These are the origins of ego and greed. Nations originated from the fact that human beings tended to group with those they share certain values, beliefs, lifestyles, etc with. This means that there are others who they rather not be with. Climate issues and depleting natural resources mean that human beings are more than ever competing with one another. If you’re stuck in the middle of a desert with two other people, and there are only two peanuts left to keep two of you alive. Would you rather… Read more »

This site would really help… 🙂

Alan B

world war 3 will probably happen within 3 years. looking at the turmoil in middle east and eu at the moment, unrest in us regarding the president-elect, britain and commonwealth’s interest, allies of russia, china and north korea and their ambition, existence of nato, israel as the important player behind the screen. ooooh man…


i guess the world needs some kind a movement that accommodate the voices of human being to counter this war through peacefully way…and the things about Syria war….hmm what a devastating tragedies for humankind, slaughtering like a beast even like a devil, anyway regarding about beast, are humans better than animal or the opposite ?


Glad to know someone here is aware that the earth doesn’t produce more water, it’s natural science by the way. Even happier that you also mentioned about population growth! Just one hundred years ago, world population was “only” 1.5 billion, and it’s already 7 billion! and guess what? we’ve actually been warned about this over 200 years ago…not to mention that we’ve equipped with all the science/knowledge and technology needed to prevent this. So science huh? it’s easier said than done, but a hope is still a hope, never let it dies out, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

butros butros gili
Trump had made peace with Putin. A lot of people missed this as something worth a world celebration because their pact also means a third world war has been prevented. There is even a possibility that it will never happen if the enabling conditions of war are permanently deactivated. Nobody likes war. The ones that do are classified as psychopaths since humanity had voted that preservation of life and the right to freely choose how to live are fundamental principles of living. Therefore, going to war for defense is permissible because it is in line with preservation of right and… Read more »

I see you point clearly, but hey can you imagine how much current birth rate of human in each year ? and again imagine how fast the increasing of it in the next 5-10 years?

now we are starting to loos our resources little by little …. and imagine if we are facing that crisis ahead…

I think it will be calamity for human life if we are just chilling out to avoid the wars…We need to work hard and get the solutions within those confusions.

butros2 G

Science my friend. Put more money into food scarcity solving scientific research. Bioengineering and quantum tech should soon be able to create food with very minimum cost and resources, to the point its like its free


Good point, i hope the leaders are taking that idea. The truth is the lead nations seems interest to invest their money into weapon trading which it became a major business in 2015-2016. So maybe they don’t prioritizing it as a world major needs.

butros G

We need more and more, essentially everyone to stop the war profiteers. Its awesome to have more money and power, but its alot more awesome to lay on the beach with no enemies and no one that hates you.

Hi Butros G, the earth doesn’t produce more water. Instead, we could only neutralize sea water, or liquify arctic ice, or we could make dirty water consumable. However, the earth simply can’t produce more amount of water. Water is one of the most fundamental natural resource of all ages. With the number of human population in the world today, water is and will always be a scarce and sought after resource, much like what is already happening in parts of the world. Let’s assume science will always be able to give a solution to natural resources scarcity problems within the… Read more »
butros g
Yes of course desalination. What people do not see is that the more research is funded the cheaper the product will become. Including desalination. Some tech gets are very expensive in the past but becomes so cheap its almost like its free. This includes the internet, computing power, flight, certain food, and many2 other tech. Fish farming for example combined with algae, can be result in free fish. When everyone has enough and automation is optimized, production will be free. Good example is tesla’s electricity transmission tech. It was free, but then GE and JP Morgan makes cables and cant… Read more »
Alan B

There’s no such thing as free resource or technology, someone must bear the cost, even the earth.


Maybe some particulars regions feel that tragedies some don’t, thats why almost people’s still sure about good future ahead.


how near? or how far? that depends on how the world deals with the issues you mentioned. If, for instance, isolation and far-side/extreme ideologies were chosen as the way out, perhaps the war would be closer than we think.


We never learn the past and the history… Now we are waiting for WW III and it will happen soon… I believe it. Syria, Iraq, Middle East, half of Africa and Afghanistan are a huge place for measuring and proving the powers of technology, ideology and economy. Unfortunately people believe that nowadays is better than the past. Think many times about current reality!

If WW III happened, what for? It is matters? How humans save the world?

Suddenly I’m remembering to a song title of John Lennon “Imagine” and work of Picasso “La Guernica”


Yeah, to think about it.. What do we have learn so far as a human being? Why we always repeating the same mistake we used to make?

This latest YOUR THOUGHTS really make a lot of question in my mind myself..But yeah i agree that we need to think about this to prepare for the worst right?
I hope WW3 doesn’t come in this three to four years because we need to prepare a lot of things. I hope..