Sovereignty and (Humanitarian) Intervention

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Sovereignty basically is the rightful status of any nation to govern themselves, while Humanitarian Intervention is an act of interfering with another nation’s (or someone else’s) affairs in the name of Humanity.

Both have solid grounds, and are recognized as the ideals the world should uphold; but in particular cases, one of the examples is genocide/ethnic cleansing, both ideals are “at war” trying to override each other. We know whose side we’re on when the battle is between good and evil, but how about when the battle is between good and good?

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Firstly, this issue really something..
and i tried to think about this..

My opinion is,
Sovereignty and humanitarian intervention *are both* made by human beings for the better world, internally also externally.
For me, these 2 terms has the same level of goodness. But, one of these terms will turn evil if both its purpose and action doesn’t respect humanity anymore.

For example,
Is genocide an act that respects humanity?
Is humanitarian intervention truly for humanity? Or are there any other factors?

I wonder, is there a way to help others in the name of humanity (genocide for example) without interfering sovereignty?


if both are “good”, sometimes they conflict with each other, right? like the examples mentioned above (genocide). sometimes it even triggers “war” if both can not reach an agreement. take another example; if it is a death penalty set by a government/state for a drug distributor… some may agree that it is not “right” to do so, especially if it involves a third party (non residential of the country/state), and in the name of “humanity” people start protesting or debating over the issue. is it wise if the government withdraw the punishment and sacrificing their policy? or get on with… Read more »

Jaya M
Jaya M

Great post! This issue was never came in to my mind before.

My opinion about this subject:

I personally think that the main objective for both side (the “good” side and the other “good” side as you mentioned above) are the same. They both want to make human better or I would rather say they both SHOULD BE doing what they are doing to make human better.

So I think as long as the objective is making human and the world better, both sovereignty and the intervention are “just” a tool.