Graffiti and Mural

Graffiti and Mural

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Arts in its all forms (such as performing, visual, street and literature) is perhaps too broad of a subject to discuss, not to mention the discussion on which of the cultural creation that can be taken as arts. So let’s start again with particular forms that we see everyday: graffiti and mural. If we look at the two photos below, which one is which? Is either a form of art? Or both are?

Graffiti and Mural Photo 1


Graffiti and Mural Photo 2



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Mamat Tuyul

Hey guys…sorry maybe this isn’t related to this topic. Don’t you have the newest “Your Thought” anymore? I really miss the new topic in this section. I do love this part. Cheers guys


word “graffiti” has a meaning as to write,or to scratch (or to paint) in a public space, like walls and concrete.
Which mean,

First picture is a graffiti because it’s a writing (typography) also a painting in public space.
but because its contain meaning or social value that respond to its surrounding (not just some random writing), i think that’s why we called mural.

Second picture obviously also graffiti because it’s a writing also a painting in public space. But i think we can’t called it mural because it’s contain only beautiful work (random writing) i think they just graffiti.


If its departed from one’s honesty, mural and graffiti are both definitely an art form for me.
Maybe it’s just has a different point of view and role to its society, but it’s still indeed an art form and cultural manifestation.
Because it’s requiring a bold statement, understanding the environment, artistic skills, daring action and of course an honesty.

It’s only a matter of good art and bad art.

The first question: which one is which? I think the second picture is graffiti, and i don’t know what the first is. I consider the second as graffiti because I have seen it in Hip-Hop culture, whether in movies, documentaries, or magazines. It usually made by Hip-Hop people (usually in America) by using spray paint and accompanied by Hip-Hop music or dance, i guess.. And for the second question: are those a form of art? I think it depends on the motivation behind those creations: – Is it created only for a decorative purpose? If yes, then it is not… Read more »
Rovalino G.
Grafitti and/or murals given its real definitions by the experts, in my opinion would always have common grounds and that is to be understood, appreciated or just plain statement of existence. When related to music, they are a similar form of exhibition on skills, social messages, and definitely goes along with talents. G or M as music is a production with no mediator, without middle men nor acknowledgement machine such as social media today. You pass them everyday at strategic spots. You can hate or love it, this is the future of music production, growth are wild. Nevertheless, we still… Read more »

I think you did not give the answer, So what do you think about G and M Rovalino?? Are those the category of art?


Both are considered art for me. Art by its literal definitions are expression and/or application of creative skill and imagination. And to make both pieces of images require creative skill and imagination.

But I will add another question. What do you guys think about taging?I mean just a tagging of a name or a crew with simple liner ‘graffiti’ style but without its graffiti centerpiece. Would you still considered it as an art? Cause in my opinion its a faux pas

Tim Krull

i think tagging the name is just their way to show their existence, to their rival for example. To me, it isn’t an art


Now i am confuse, as far as know graffiti used for tagging the identity, either for person or gangs…yap the first time i know this term from hip hop culture. Mural is an action of drawing in public space/street.

Both of them need creativity to impress the audience. so what are they?


i remember (but i can’t recall where i read it) when i read about the first graffiti tags appeared as an intentional young man for his recognition. And from that time, graffiti and mural in street scene starting to find its own way to artistically formed.


Hello BP91, thank you for the explanation. Are these two photos above falls into graffiti formed or mural formed?

Ferdi Zebua
Interesting topic, as always. Let me start by questioning the definition of “Grafitti”, “Mural”, and “Art”, by way of an image… (there’s a significant chance that my picture link might not show up but I’m going to try posting it here anyway): Failing that, the picture can be found (among other places on the ‘Net) at the Ello profile of @mr-thumpy: …and if that also fails, I will just leave the following quote I came across a couple of years ago: “Art should comfort the disturb, and disturb the comfortable”. There we go; I hope these are enough premises… Read more »

Hi Ferdi, glad you’re here..

Based on the picture in your link, are these two photos that we post above falls into one of the category? And could it be classified as “comfort the disturb, and disturb the comfortable?