Is Democracy still Important

Is Democracy Dying?

War is never a good thing; its impact is always catastrophic no matter what the purpose is, and yet the warring parties still view war as a “solution”. To us, the main reason why the world still witnesses war is because we humans are still territorial beings. The territory itself is much more than just geographical; it stretches to politics, economy, technology, and religion. When any territory is felt threatened, people respond in many ways, and often irrationally. So we agree with John Steinbeck, one of the greats in American literature, who once said,”All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.”

Following the end of the Cold War in the 1990s, globalization seemed to be embraced as the way to world peace. Along with it, democracy and sense of freedom seemed to flourish everywhere. Today, democracy is still at center stage, but it is viewed and practiced as a mechanism that divides rather than unites people. Democracy respects and upholds diversity within the frame of unity. So if the frame transforms into disunity, is democracy still relevant to our lives?

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Mike Simonori

to me Democracy exists to embrace equal right in every sectors including politics and social , but the thing is, the world direction is still holds by the so called the first nation which means there is a little space for third nations to decide the future of the world. However it seems not fair to me, imagine how African struggle to survive from hunger but there is a little amount of help from the first nation that still believe and hold with democracy until today.


I think the bigger Ego humans have, the little chance Democracy will survive.

Kasep Taqbir

i just realize that democracy word derived from two Greeks word, there are Demos (people) and Kratos (Rules). but the fact the majority are still oppressing the minority. How do we measure democracy if the minority’s voices can not be heard by leader. Is democracy still same like the absolutism of Aristocrat?


I think the election rights for a democracy country in here is useless now, dominated by certain groups and the magnitude of political power that makes the loss of democracy in this nation. Plus, religion issues that was put into this. I think I’m living in a country that’s lack in democracy now.


It’s hard to tell (i mean it’s hard to admit), but i feel that democracy is too ideal for us, at the bottom of our heart we’re not ready yet. Can/will we comprehend the idea to live together? If we answer no, maybe democracy isn’t relevant anymore…

It’s hard to believe that democracy still remains at the center right now, when in fact it is only practiced by a few. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2016 Democracy Index, only 19 out of 167 nations that are practicing full democracy—or reach the highest democracy index score. That’s only 11,3%! Even if we look further in all categories, total percentage of nations categorized as full- and flawed democracy is no more than 46%, while the other 54% are categorized as hybrid- and authoritarian regime. However, there is an interesting ‘symmetry’ between democracy, peace, and (cultural) diversity, which some… Read more »

Yeah… But almost everyone tend to do things in the name of democracy, even Kim Jong-Il with his Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.