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Eid Al Fitr

Mezquita-Catedral de Cordoba, Spain; a memorial to human cohabitation based on mutual respect.

Eid al Fitr: the Day Human Goodness should advance.

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[Jakarta, LTTW]. After thirty days of refraining from physical needs and self-indulging desires from dawn until dusk, senses of gratitude, solidarity, and empathy are heightened, and the soul is repurified. The day of victory arrives as the days of fasting in the month of Ramadan end, and Muslims around the world celebrates their triumph in defeating selfishness, greed, adulteration and unthankfulness.

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is a sacred attempt – not simply a ritual technicality fulfillment – to reach and cultivate a living virtue. Just imagine how our lives would be if 1.8 billion Muslims in the world together could reach such level of human goodness; we would be living in heaven on earth indeed. While we could only imagine now, let’s not stop hoping that it would happen some day although we keep seeing the grimace of the world these days.

This year, the sacredness of Ramadan is, regretfully, stained by acts of war and terror. Doing these acts is already a despicable crime; doing it in Ramadan and in the name of Islam is certainly a humiliation to Islam, but then again, Islam is too great to be dwarfed by these twisted individuals.

To our Muslim brothers and sisters, we congratulate you on your victory, may God Almighty bless our deeds, and may we be purified once again.


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In every religion and beliefs, human virtues always been the highest goal in life. However, the meaning of human virtues was also often dwarfed — defined only by ritual technicality fulfillment. We’re too busy finding a way to get to heaven than to reach the living virtue.


But isnt finding meaning in human virtues only leads you to material and other limited fulfilment?

Spirituality can take us higher places or at least comfort us. But yes sometimes its practices and the focus on going to heaven makes people perception blur or blind altogether.

So is balance between human virtues and spirituality is the answer?

Well, why do you want to find meaning in human virtues? Isn’t virtues a manifestation based on meaning of life? When we comprehend and find meanings of the wretchedness of the world, the struggle of ourself, the wars between man, poverty, jealousy, and so on. For me spirituality is a relationship between me and my soul, to comprehend more about me as a being. It doesn’t always comes from religion, it doesn’t always followed by technicality of rituals or practices. It’s often comes from a “simple” experience. If i could comprehend myself, than i could comprehend my surrounding (it’s include… Read more »
Prakash Kumar Singh

nice article loved your post.