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Commemorating International Day of the Tropics

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[Jakarta, LTTW] The world recognizes the beauty and important role of tropical land, but we often shut our eyes toward the challenges it’s facing. Mono-culture malpractices which wiped out natural ecosystems and also “profit-oriented” tourism that exploit local cultures and environment instead of cultivating friendships and cross-enrichment between nations, are only a couple of examples of the challenges we have ignored. Therefore, as representatives of the tropics from Indonesia, together with campus community Friday Art Design Session, Listen to the World present visual works to invite and re-question the importance of nature as a place that allows us to live and have cultures.


“Wild for Love” by Adikara R. | 79 cm x 97 cm | Mix Media on paper | 2018


“Sajen dari Pasar” by Adikara R. | 60 cm x 60 cm | Mix Media on paper | 2016
“Ka-Lod” by Adikara R. | 97 cm x 79 cm | Mix Media on canvas | 2017


“Tropical Ruinforest” by Bintang Perkasa | 42 cm x 29.7 cm (two panels) | Mix Media on paper | 2018


“No Space for Nature” by Gesa Febrian | 29.7 cm x 21 cm | Digital Drawing | 2018


“RIMBA” by Ivan Kurniawan Halim | 109 cm x 79 cm | Mix Media on paper | 2017
“Tribute to Mother” by Reydo Respati | 79 cm x 48.5 cm | Mix Media on canvas | 2018


“CUT” by Reydo Respati | 97 cm x 79 cm | Mix Media on paper | 2018


“Tumpuk” by Ruslan Gani |70 cm x 40 cm | Acrylic on canvas | 2018




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Do you feel profit oriented is unnecessary way to survive? Do you have another option to prevent this issue?


Do we realize that the consequences we get from nature’s exploitation (including our surrounding environment and neighborhood) are ourselves to blame?