About Us

About Us

Listen to the World [LTTW] is a web-based magazine based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was originally initiated in 2001 as a music program – intended for airtime radio-play across Indonesia – that explored the diversity of music that the world has to offer. The program was re-designed and reintroduced in 2009 in its current form. In this new form,  instead of limiting its contents only to music, LTTW widens its domain to culture-related issues ranging from environment, politics, economy, technology, linguistic, aesthetical manifestations to science.

In the views of our parent organization, Sacred Bridge Foundation, cultural diversity is a gift of nature, and nothing is culture-free. Carrying these views, amid the problems and challenges the world has faced, LTTW is determined to nurture public literacy on the great significance of culture in human life. Literacy in our term is defined as the desire to seek knowledge and capability in comprehending, managing, developing and applying the knowledge.

[Cultural] diversity is a given, inevitable and perpetual reality. If our differences are practiced as the root of all tensions, conflicts and wars we have created, then humanity will be doomed to extinct. Bridging cultures is thus the only way to not only survive, but also rise above our present and future hardship. Understanding and respecting cultures other than ours will lead us to the ultimate level in which humanity is nothing but about humans cross-enriching each others mind and conscience.



The Working Team

Erlangga UtamaProgram Head
Bintang PerkasaProgram Associate
Adikara RachmanVisual Coordinator
Bramantyo Indirawan – Contributor
Tri Prasetyaningtyas – Content Researcher
Dwiki Yoenarso – Content Researcher
Pattraditya Pangestu IT
Chris RobertsUK Representative
Pradiva SawarnoEditor
Riri RafianiEditor


Serrano Sianturi
Idham Setiadi
Irwansyah Harahap

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