About Us

About Us

Our History

www.listentotheworld.net is a web-based social media aimed at inspiring and triggering minds the world over, using issues surrounding music to tackle cultural matters while at the same time highlighting authentic, accountable, rooted music from cultures worldwide. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, it was originally initiated in 2001 by Sacred Bridge Foundation as a music program which explores all the good music that the world has to offer, intended for airtime radio-play across Indonesia. The program was re-initiated in 2009 in its current form as a website.

A Vision

There was a time when music (and the arts) is not solely about a product that sounds good, but does good for the betterment of mankind as well. There was a time when music can also be very entertaining, yet it is never positioned merely as an entertainment. There was a time when music uniquely and equally stands to who creates and where it is created. There was a time when music actually possesses roles and functions as a mirror of ourselves, system of thoughts, reminder of values, bond in social interactions, language of dialog, as well as healing and creative forces in human life. We believe, the time when music rises is not ours to lose.

Getting There

We focus on improving the literacy of actors within the music, arts, and culture-related world. We are committed to provide myriad and yet accountable information on and perspectives of music, to further the awareness and understanding on contexts and aspects of music. We highlight every bit of rooted music and arts from corners of the world and make it sound to the global hearts. We promote conscience by keeping music amateur at our heart; all and all so that the true lasting roles, function, and values of music can then be regained.

The Working Team

Erlangga Utama -Managing Editor

Rizky Aulia – Editor/Researcher

Adikara Rachman – Visual Coordinator

Bintang Perkasa – Visual Designer

Tri Prasetyaningtyas – Content Researcher

Pattraditya Pangestu – IT

Chris Roberts – UK Representative

Garry P. Poluan – Contributor


Serrano Sianturi

Idham Setiadi

Irwansyah Harahap

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