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  • The Shade of Northern Lights: A Current Reflection
    I Wish I'm a Seagull by Semsar Siahaan

    How many people do you know would collect orange seeds, put them in a pocket, and throw them on land where they can fruitfully grow? We know one, Semsar Siahaan (1952-2005) [Ed.]**.

    A sensitive character in a desensitized world, Semsar concerns himself with issues of

  • Trump: Turning USA into Uncle Sam’s Abomination – Part Two
    Trump part 2 (ytinamuh. Mixed media on paper, by Bintang Perkasa)


    by Serrano Sianturi

    Are Fragile States Farming Terrorism?

    The Muslim ban was taken in the name of keeping America safe from the terrorist act by the Muslim extremist. So let’s see whether all or any of the listed countries are harboring terrorist and encouraging terror

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