Have we reached our purpose in education?

The purpose of education is to create better human beings. Compared to our predecessors, with all the systems and unlimited source of knowledge we have today, have we made the world a better place to live in?


Thank you, everyone, for giving your opinions in this Your Thoughts discussion. It’s customary for us to do a periodic wrap-up on this topic, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to share your thoughts after this. So please continue to key in any piece of mind whenever you have one.

Opinions are wide-ranging on whether Education has brought us Humans in the World into becoming better human beings. Some say that Education has failed, seeing as there are still plenty of poverty, jealousy, disease throughout the World; essentially that we still keep making the same mistakes over and over again despite Education. On the other hand it is also silly to say that Education has not made the World better, that the World today is in fact better than the World in the past–at least in some aspects–and that Education plays a big part in this improvement.

The question, “what exactly is education?” is also raised. It is even questioned whether War can be considered a form of education. A reader thinks that War is not, because it’s destructive; another thinks that if Education taken as human beings learning from anything and everything happening around them, everything that humans experience, then War is a form of education.

Well, we have a few thoughts to add. Education shall not leave us astray; it shall make us not only aware of our surroundings, but also critical of anything we learn. Education shall encourage and uphold integrity of the involved individuals, and ensure the accountability of the subjects or knowledge. Education is actually a neutral subject; it is how and what we humans do with it that give the world both the progress and setback. So, how do we evaluate whether we treat education wisely? Try measure the gain and loss or the cost and benefit of what we do. Cheers!